Laboratory Equipment

Micron Optics si255

The si255 is an industrial-grade fan-less optical sensing interrogator. Featuring both static and dynamic full-spectrum analysis, the si255 provides long-term, reliable and accurate measurements of nearly 1000 sensors on 16 parallel, 160 nm wide channels.


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LuOcean Laser Modules

Highly reliable IR-diode laser modules and fibers with diameter ranging from 250-600 μm:

– Diode laser, up to 33 W at 808 nm

– Diode laser, up to 70 W at 940 nm

– Diode laser,  up to 70 W at 975 nm

– Diode laser, up to 65 W at 1064 nm


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FLIR T540 thermal camera


Key features:

– 464 x 348 resolution, 161,472 pixels

– Accuracy  +/- 0.5°C

– View and measure temperatures from -4 to 2732 °F (-20 to 1500 °C)

– Laser autofocus

– MSX and UltraMax imaging

– WiFi for live streaming and capture to Apple and Android devices


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Core Alignment Fusion Splicer 90S

Key features:

– Improved automatic wind protector design which reduces overall splice time but can also be used manually.

– Patented easy splice protector positioning system.

– Fibre Retention clamps.

– Universal sheath clamps for standard 250 um fibre as well as 900 um loose tube fibre types.

– A completely redesigned multi-function carry case and workstation.

– Enabled with Fujikura’s unique “Active Blade Management Technology” with new capability to link up to two CT50 cleavers simultaneously.

– Tool-less replaceable electrodes.


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TEMPOS thermal property analyzer

Key Features:

– Improved algorithms increase accuracy

–  New one-minute read times

–  Measure thermal diffusivity and specific heat at a fraction of the cost

–  ASTM 5334- and IEEE 442-compliant

–  Controlled heating ensures heat is constant

–  An updated interface makes test setup easier than ever

–  Navigation through menus and options is more straightforward

–  Test set-up and results are displayed more clearly

–  Mini USB cable makes downloading data easier

–  Automatically corrects for linear temperature drift

–  Resolves temperature to ±0.001 ◦C

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