Closed-Loop and Multisensing Delivery Tool for Controlled Laser Ablation of Tumors


Description: Innovative controlled laser ablation of tumours


A minimally invasive alternative to traditional cancer surgery creates the global market of thermal ablation devices for treating such organs as the brain, prostate, breast, pancreas, or lung, especially in cases of inoperable tumours. Laser ablation (LA) was successfully used in cases with access difficult for conventional surgery. The previous study has developed an innovative platform that integrates a closed-loop control strategy of LA with fibre optic sensors and modulates the laser power according to the tissue temperature. The EU-funded LEILA project aims to integrate this platform with a smart applicator for laser delivery and temperature monitoring. The project will perform a technical-commercial feasibility study to move the novel system to the market.


Partner of the project: Day-One, with large experience in Open Innovation projects with several medical companies, and responsible for the Business Feasibility assessment of LEILA project (https://www.day-one.biz/)




Link to Cordis portal: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101069181