Research Activities:

LASER OPTIMAL is a human-oriented project, whose goal is the development of a novel strategy for safe tumor removal with laser therapy.


The new frontiers of laser therapy focus on the optimization of several technical aspects, such as measurement systems to monitor in real-time the thermal effect, to control the tissue damage; approaches for enhancing the selective absorption of the laser light by the target tissue; simulation-based tools, useful for the prediction of treatment outcome.


The rationale of LASER OPTIMAL is the control of the energy delivery in tumors, aiming to minimize the unwanted heat dispersion into the surrounding healthy tissue. The multidisciplinary team is working on the design of a patient-specific platform, useful to plan the treatment and to monitor the thermal outcome in real-time, in conjunction with the injection of nanoparticles for enhancing the selectivity of the treatment.


LASER OPTIMAL is a 5-year project funded by the ERC Starting Grant (Gant Agreement n. 759159) directed by Paola Saccomandi.


The Host Institution is the Politecnico di Milano, Partner Institutions are the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery (IHU) of Strasbourg, and the Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope in California. The research team is based at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, in Milan.


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