LASEROPTIMAL@POLIMI – Fondazione Cariplo

Fondazione Cariplo supports the measures of attractiveness of the research system of Lombardia Region and the competitivity of the applicants and grantees of the European Research Council (ERC). LASEROPTIMAL@POLIMI project, coordinated by Paola Saccomandi, has the goal of reinforcing the outcomes of the ERC-funded LASEROPTIMAL project in the territory of Lombardia and, more in general, Italy. The project aims at supporting the PI in establishing a network of collaborations, in the Politecnico di Milano, with other scientific institutions of Lombardia and Italy, in the framework of the research activities foster by the LASEROPTIMAL project. Among the numerous measures, LASEROPTIMAL@POLIMI supports the settling down of the PI in the now Host Institution, the setting up of the research lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the PhD schools for PhD students working in the PI’s team, and reinforced the collaboration with other Italian Universities and Institutions. The team working on the activities of the LASEROPTIMA@POLIMI project and coordinated by Paola is constituted by Alfredo Cigada, Full Professor of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements, and by Davide Paloschi, Automation and Control Engineer.

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