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MetroInd awards

The Metrology for Industry 4.0 and IoT conference awarded some members of our group.

Sanzhar Korganbayev, a PhD student of the team, won the first prize for the best paper presented by a young researcher (“Best Paper presented by a Young Researcher”), presenting a work entitled “Towards temperature-controlled laser ablation based on fiber Bragg grating array temperature measurements” and realized within the ERC LASER OPTIMAL project.

The “Polimi MT” including Davide PaloschiSanzhar KorganbayevFabio Conti and Stefano Marelli (Ph.D. students and research fellows of the Measurement Section) won the first prize of the Wearable Device Challenge, for conceiving a device that assesses the posture of those who wear it and provides feedback in case of incorrect posture. The challenge saw the participation of 50 master and doctoral students, divided into 12 groups, who entered the competition on June 4th by attending a live online event of the international conference for the creation of the best wearable system.

Congratulation guys!