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Congratulations, Davide!

Recently, our colleague Davide Paloschi, who has been working in our group as a Research Fellow, has been accepted as a Ph.D. student to Politecnico di Milano, Mechanical Engineering Department. Since now he will be working with us as a Ph.D. student!

In our group, Davide has been studying a 3D reconstruction of the shape of optical fibers undergoing mechanical deformation. He is currently involved in the LASER OPTIMAL РPOLIMI project in collaboration with Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma for the designing and prototyping of a wearable system for posture monitoring.

He has already published several works with our group:

1) 3D shape sensing with multicore optical fibers: transformation matrices vs Frenet-Serret equations for real-time application

2) Transformation matrices for 3D shape sensing with polyimide-coated multicore optical fiber

Congratulations and good luck, Davide!