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Congratulations, Martina!

Our Ph.D. student Martina De Landro won the grant “Bando Cassini Junior 2020”, sponsored by the French Embassy and the French Institute in Italy. Under Prof. Paola Saccomandi‘s supervision, she is working at the ERC StG LASEROPTIMAL project: this is why she proposed “Technological innovations for precision medicine of tomorrow” as the theme. The workshop will cover a much broader topic: Medicine 4.0. The focus will be on how the advent of innovative technological tools (such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, big data) are moving medicine towards the development of new perspectives. In particular, recent advances in Precision Medicine (PM) assured by the technological innovations will be discussed. Starting from defining the PM as an approach where computers suggest the right strategy to the physician, the role of human-machine collaboration and cybernetic surgery will be discussed. Furthermore, innovative monitoring techniques implemented during minimally invasive surgeries and real-time patient-specific computational models for the pre-treatment planning will be explored. Finally, PM will be also discussed in the form of regenerative medicine and the last advancements of nanomedicine to improve current diagnostic and therapeutic strategies will be shown.