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Few days are passed from the amazing workshop “Technological innovations for the precision medicine of tomorrow” hosted by the @Department of Mechanical Engineering @Politecnico di Milano last June 10th. It is time to thank all the speakers for the inspiring talks and stimulating subjects discussed during the event: Dr. Michele Diana – Institute against Cancer of the Digestive system (IRCAD); Dr. Stephane Cotin – Inria; Prof. Paolo Decuzzi – Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia; Dr. Paolo Bigini – Istituto Mario Negri; Dr. Eric Felli – Universität Bern ; and Prof. Filippo Rossi– Politecnico di Milano.

A special thanks to all the participants who chose to join the online workshop even just for few minutes.


Here the video for those of you who missed it :

Part 1      

Part 2

Or using the following youtube link: