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9th Dutch Bio-Medical Engineering Conference

Leonardo Bianchi presented his latest work on the combination of photoacoustic imaging and fiber Bragg grating sensors-based thermometry to monitor thermal ablation procedures, at the 9th Dutch Bio-Medical Engineering Conference (Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands).

The work has been developed at Multi-Modality Medical Imaging (M3I) at TechMed Centre (University of Twente) and it arises from a collaboration between Multi-Modality Medical Imaging (M3I) group and MECCPolimi , under the supervision of Prof. Srirang Manohar and Prof. Paola Saccomandi.

Thank you very much to all the coauthors: Erik KruitPaola Saccomandi and Srirang Manohar, and a special thanks to Prof. Srirang Manohar for this great opportunity!